Why Climate Action

The opportunity. Greenhouse gas pollution from oil, coal, and gas are causing dramatic changes in our traditional climate. By transitioning before it’s too late to cleaner, local sources of energy like solar and wind power, and making major improvements in energy efficiency, we can…

  • Create thousands of new jobs.
  • Make local businesses more sustainable.
  • Save money over the long term for families, businesses, and public agencies.
  • Promote healthy forests and clean air and water.
  • Maintain our ability to hunt, fish, and farm and enjoy outdoor activities like skiing and rafting.
  • Pass on a better world to our children and grandchildren.

The danger. If, on the other hand, we allow giant corporations to delay this transition, we will continue to fill the atmosphere with climate pollution at a rate unprecedented in human history. As a result, we will face…

  • An increasingly unstable climate, with dramatically higher temperatures.
  • Massive forest fires as our summers become drier and hotter.  
  • Extreme flooding, water shortages, and less snow to feed our reservoirs and rivers. 
  • Loss of jobs as these changes undermine key local industries that depend on our traditional climate, such as agriculture, forestry, tourism, and retirement services.
  • Steadily increasing energy costs.
  • Increasing insect infestations that threaten our crops and forests as pests move north with warmer temperatures. 
  • Threats to health from insect-borne diseases, water contamination, and decreasing air quality.  
  • Impacts on those who are most vulnerable, including low and middle income people, children, seniors, people in rural areas, communities of color, and small businesses.
  • A permanent state of international war over energy and other natural resources.

Our goals. As Oregonians of all political persuasions, we call on corporate executives and national, state, and local public officials to take prompt action to…

  1. Speed up the transition to cleaner energy and greater energy efficiency before climate pollution in the atmosphere make permanent climate change irreversible. 
  2. Protect us all from the impacts of climate change.

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