Rogue Climate Covid-19 Updates

Through our ever-changing reality, more than 70 community and youth leaders have upheld Rogue Climate’s commitment to Care for, Defend, Transform, and Compartir (meaning to share) with the communities of southern Oregon through this time of Covid-19 and beyond.  The Covid-19 response teams have focused on supporting the people who are most impacted by climate change, who we know are also most impacted by the pandemic, as well as the threat of violence and systemic oppression. 

Check out some of the incredible work these teams have been leading! If you are interested in joining one of these teams, please attend a Rogue Climate Volunteer Orientation and share your skills.

The Care team is connecting people to the things they need right now during the COVID-19 crisis. They’ve just launched a Rogue Climate Community Support Fund to  to provide some financial support to members of our community who are impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. There have already been more requests than the fund can meet, but you can donate to the fund HERE. They have already created a Needs/Offering form to match people with support within our communities. This team is collecting resources and making them easily accessible to people who need support, while keeping them updated, fresh and easily understandable. Care means connecting people to the things they need right now. 

The Defend team is creating opportunities for southern Oregonians to take action to support policies ensuring COVID-19 relief funds are going to families and small businesses not fossil fuel executives and push back on the Federal administration’s new order to gut environmental regulations during the pandemic. Youth are also creating an informational Covid-19 and the Fossil Fuel Industry Zine artistically illustrating the ways that the industry is taking advantage of this crisis to further negative impacts on communities. Defend means defending the places, waters, and people we love from extractive industries trying to take advantage of this moment. 

The Compartir organizing team is supporting mutual aid by and for spanish-speaking and immigrant people by translating community resources, and making easy to access bilingual Tik Toks and videos, and memes. They’re also working as a team to support non-Black Latinx people to show up as allies and accomplices in the movement for Black Lives. Compartir means to share, and that means sharing not only resources, but access to opportunities, healing, and leadership development so that communities can organize for themselves. 

The Transform organizing team will launch later this summer! Transform means building a powerful coalition of partners to transform our society from the root, creating a better “normal” to return to.

This moment continues to highlight the ongoing work we need to do together for climate and racial justice. If you are interested in joining one of these teams, please attend the next  Rogue Climate Volunteer Orientation and share your skills. 

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