No Pipeline Statewide Week of Action: Gov Brown, Shut it Down!

Oregonians are uniting for a statewide week of action to ask Governor Kate Brown to take stand against the Pacific Connector Pipeline and Jordan Cove LNG Export Terminal while she joins world leaders in Germany for the United Nations Climate Talks (COP).
Even though Governor Brown is going to Germany to talk about her commitment to climate, she still has not come out against Jordan Cove which would be the largest source of climate pollution in the state.

Standing up to Jordan Cove will determine whether or not Governor Brown is the climate champion our state needs. Despite the new federal administration, we can stop this pipeline again if Governor Brown and her state agencies deny vital permits that Pembina needs to start building.

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After two funerals, the Methane Monster Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas export terminal and evil sibling Pacific Connector Zombie Pipeline have been re-animated by Donald Trump and Canadian energy giant Pembina Corporation.

“Methane Monster” by Dom at

This Halloween, we have a sneak preview of one of the scariest fossil fuel projects in the world. Here are the top ten scariest facts about the Jordan Cove LNG export terminal and Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline.

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Tribes, Landowners and Conservation Groups Intervene in Pipeline Fight


October 26th, 2017


More than 400 landowners, conservation organizations, indigenous tribes, youth, business owners, state agencies and concerned community members have filed as intervenors this month in order to stand up against the proposed Pacific Connector Pipeline and LNG export terminal.

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Communities in Oregon and northern California prepare to fight fracked-gas pipeline and terminal for third time

Landowners, Tribes, and community groups are ready to stop the proposed Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline and Jordan Cove LNG export terminal for the third time in 12 years, following yesterday’s announcement by Veresen Inc. that it has filed its permit application for the project with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).
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Climate Champions Don't Permit Dirty Fracked Gas Terminals

Without action on the Jordan Cove Project, Governor Brown’s climate grandstanding is little more than an attempt to win environmental credibility without having to make a hard decision that might cost her some political points with large corporate donors and the building and construction trades. The climate doesn't care about the politics of triangulation, horse-trading, or campaign contributions. 

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