Senator Merkley on Climate Change, LNG, Fracking and National Politics

Rogue Climate and SOCAN had a great showing at the recent Senator Merkley town hall meeting.  See the Mail Tribune for his thoughts on climate change, carbon taxes, hydraulic fracturing (fracking), liquid natural gas in Oregon, and a number of other good topics Southern Oregonians are concerned about.

End of the Year Slideshow

There were some wonderful moments and accomplishments this year--from the giant salmon in Medford, to Oregon Climate Action Day, to the fast for the Philippines.  Take a minute to check out the slideshow celebrating this past year!  

Who We Are

It’s simple. Climate change affects everything we call home: from our backyard, to our dinner tables, to the planet we share with all forms of life — climate change impacts not only the environment, but our homes, our families, and our pocketbooks.

Here in the Rogue Valley of beautiful Southern Oregon we are starting to feel the effects. From prolonged fire seasons, increasing summer temperatures, and rising energy costs, climate change has started to affect our lives and the Oregon we love.

We here at Rogue Climate believe that individuals joining with others is the only way forward to a stable future. From giant art-projects that increase community awareness to lobbying for climate solutions at the state capital, Rogue Climate is committed to increasing community awareness and fostering the political will to address climate change here at home. We are anglers and hunters, grandmas and grandpas, doctors, lawyers and students; we are young and old, omnivores and vegans, gamers and outdoor enthusiasts; we are Oregonians, charged for action and ready to make a difference.

Check out the links on the right to learn more about climate change and what groups are doing to address it. To check out our other events and see some great photos, like our Facebook page Rogue Climate Art.

Stay-tuned to find out more as we get this website up and running!

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