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Rogue Climate Ashland is currently focusing on the City's Climate and Energy Action Plan and working towards creating an ordinance that will legally bind Ashland to the emissions goals it sets.

Want to get involved with the Rogue Climate Ashland Team? 

Our meeting times are every other Wednesday at 5:30 in the UCC Church located at 717 Siskiyou Blvd, Ashland. We'd love for you to help build the team! 

The City of Ashland is developing a Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP) between now and the end of 2016.

The Climate and Energy Action plan will help address Ashland's greenhouse gas emissions and create steps to reduce their impact on the global climate. Ashland residents involved in Rogue Climate Ashland believe that instituting an ordinance to accompany the plan is a vital part of ensuring the effective implementation of the CEAP.

Rogue Climate Ashland proposes the following standards for developing and implementing the CEAP:

SCIENCE BASED: We support the development of an Ashland Climate and Energy Action Plan that sets numerical targets and benchmarks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the city and our community consistent with doing our part to achieve no more than 350 parts per million of CO2 equivalent emissions in our atmosphere by or before 2100.

SOCIALLY EQUITABLE: We support a Climate and Energy Action Plan that will not disproportionately impact low income communities, young people, communities of color, or community members who are elderly or disabled. It is important that these groups have a voice in creating our policies. These communities must not be displaced by higher costs or additional burdens.

PROTECTS ASHLAND’S QUALITY OF LIFE: We support a plan that promotes clean energy development and protects Ashland residents from the impacts of climate change while identifying, benefiting, and preserving long-term natural resources, services, amenities, institutions, industries, and community characteristics valued by Ashland residents.

CREATES GOOD JOBS AND SUPPORTS ASHLAND’S ECONOMY: We support a plan that strengthens our economy by creating green jobs that pay living wages, ensuring that a local workforce is used as much as possible, and providing training opportunities that benefit local residents, including low income and underserved groups.

ACCOUNTABLE: We support the development of a Climate and Energy Action Plan that builds accountability into the plan by setting legally binding benchmarks and targets and provides ongoing opportunities for public input.

If you want to show your support for the Rogue Climate Ashland team and their Standards for a bold climate plan that works for all Ashland residents, sign on to our Standards here!



The City of Ashland has recently published a Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report. To get a full look at the Report click here


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For the most recent news, and a full schedule of events check out, or visit Ashland Climate Challenge on Facebook. 



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