Reflections From the Community: Shady Cove

September 1st, 2015


Why would a group of school children sue President Obama and governors in many states? (Google "Our Children's Trust). Could it be that they have been doing their science homework (And maybe visiting the law library too!). These young Americans know that climate change/global warming is real and is threatening their future.

Why would a recent college graduate headed to law school to study environmental law, choose to plan a 232 mile event, Hike the Pike, taking place within months of getting married? Because he too believes inaction on climate change will result in dire consequences throughout the world.

What are the rest of us doing to ensure we don't wake up some day wondering why we didn't speak up and protest when scientists were telling us the window of opportunity was closing on our ability to curb the already existing negative impacts of climate change. (Disastrous fires, powerful hurricanes and tornadoes, severe flooding, prolonged droughts, etc.)  Our silence may be betraying the legacy of hope for a better world we have inherited from previous generations. Speak up!

One thing crisis situations produce is a heightened sense of community. I encourage people to come to Shady Cove on Saturday, 9/5 at 1:00 P.M. to participate in that special sense of community and greet the Hike the Pipers as they come ashore at Upper Rogue Regional County Park. Another event is planned when the hikers reach Winston on 9/15. The event, a potluck picnic, will be at River Bend Park from 4 to 8 P.M.  

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