Oregonians Voice Strong Support for Governor Brown’s Action to Protect the Clean Water Act


Salem, OR - This week, Oregon Governor Kate Brown sent a strong letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) urging them to withdraw a proposal to dramatically alter the state’s role in implementing the Clean Water Act. The Governor wrote,

“Oregon has many serious concerns with the revisions proposed by EPA... We have no doubt that, if adopted, the revisions will fail to meet EPA's stated objectives. The revisions will destabilize a relatively well-functioning component of our nation's water quality program that protects public health and the environment. They will have the effect of extending the length of time required to permit complex projects. They will lead to a significant increase in the proportion of proposed projects that are denied certification. And, they will harm both public health and our environment.”

In response to the Governor’s statement, groups from across Oregon issued statements of support for Oregon’s effort in protecting the state’s authority to review the potential pollution impacts of projects such as the Pacific Connector Pipeline.

"Governor Brown's letter to the EPA shows that Oregon is serious about protecting its authority," said Allie Rosenbluth, Campaigns Director with Rogue Climate. "Oregonians are relying on Governor Brown to protect our communities from this attempt to strip away Oregon's right to protect our drinking water, salmon streams, and estuaries. The stakes are high for projects like the Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline, which would harm hundreds of streams and rivers in our state. We applaud Governor Brown for fighting for Oregon's right to make the final call on this and many other projects."

“The Clean Water Act is one of the most important tools we have for protecting clean water in Oregon,” said Stacey Detwiler, Conservation Director for Rogue Riverkeeper. “Oregon is right to stand up to the Trump Administration’s clumsy attempt to gut our clean water protections.”

“Oregonians will stand with Governor Brown in the effort to protect clean water and strong fish runs from this federal overreach,” said Dan Serres, Co-Director of the Power Past Fracked Gas campaign. “Governor Brown’s letter highlights the importance of Oregon using its power to reject major polluting projects like the Pacific Connector gas pipeline.”


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