Phoenix Students Learn About Energy in Innovative Pilot Partnership Between Armadillo Technical Institute and Rogue Climate

“Energy” and “climate change” can seem like abstract topics for many students. But students at the Armadillo Technical Institute (ATI) in Phoenix are learning about these subjects through practical study of energy use and potential improvements in energy efficiency at their own school, thanks to an innovative partnership between ATI and local community organization Rogue Climate. 

In collaboration with Rogue Climate, ATI teacher Jesse Stonewood has developed a real-world curriculum that gives students an understanding of what energy is, where it comes from, and how to save it.  During the course, students will evaluate potential energy efficiency upgrades to the school, taking into account climate impacts, energy use, costs, time, practicality, and other considerations.

Students will present their recommendations for energy savings and upgrades to a panel of energy experts and Rogue Climate volunteers.

“This course will help students develop a working understanding of climate and energy topics,” Stonewood said. “We will use a project-based learning approach where the students have to solve the problem of how to make ATI more energy efficient.”

“We’re happy to help bring together students and community volunteers with hands-on knowledge about energy opportunities and challenges,” said Stuart Warren, a Rogue Climate volunteer.  “By improving energy efficiency and speeding our transition to cleaner energy, there is so much we can do in the Rogue Valley to save money, create jobs, protect our quality of life, and address the impacts of climate change we are already seeing.” 

Clean Energy Works has also volunteered to assist with some of the more technical aspects of performing an energy audit on the school so that the school can be better prepared to invest in energy and money saving measures.


Armadillo Technical Institute is a highly personalized educational program in Phoenix that offers creative, individualized instruction. 

Rogue Climate is a youth-led organization that brings communities in Southern Oregon together to support practical solutions to climate change that will result in cleaner energy, sustainable jobs, and a healthy environment.

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