Oregon Shakespeare Festival and 30 Ashland Businesses Show Support for Climate Action Ordinance

Earlier this week the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and 30 other Ashland businesses sent the Ashland City Council letters announcing their support for the proposed Climate Action Ordinance. The City Council will vote on the ordinance at their meetings on Tuesday, September 5 and Tuesday, September 19th. Join us at this historic vote and RSVP here.

The ordinance, proposed by Ashland Youth Climate Action, affirms the city's commitment to the climate pollution reduction goals set in the Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP) and requires a three year comprehensive review, which will help the community stay involved to ensure both the city and community are on track to reach our goals.

By passing the ordinance and following through with their ambitious plan, Ashland will become a leader in local climate action. Since the plan was passed in March, the city has funded a staff position to manage and oversee the CEAP and is in the process of creating a citizen advisory committee. The final thing our community asked for in this first phase of implementation is the Climate Action Ordinance.

Check out the letter from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and a list businesses supporters below. If your business is not on this list and wants to endorse the ordinance please email allie@rogueclimate.org.  



Thank you to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland Food Co-Op, Antiquarium Collectables, Ashland Street Cinemas, B'Inspired Studio, Bestow & Bloom, Flower Tymer/ Manzanita, Fly Water Travel, Heart & Hands, Hilltop Coffee, Hiro Ramen, Indigo Creek Outfitters, Lithia Park Shoes, Looking Glass Beads and Jewelry, Martollis Pizza, Music Coop, My Sweet Ol Etcetera Bakery, Nimbus, NW Nature Shop, Oberon's, Piccadilly, Plancha, Red's Threads, Small Change, Spirit of Shakti LLC, Standing Stone Brewery, Terrasurvey, Inc., The Book Exchange, Travel Essentials, True South Solar, and Wellness Pet Supplies for your support.


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