Help send a REAL climate action message at Saturday Hearing

Southern Oregon communities need to turn out in big numbers this Saturday to send a message to Governor Kate Brown and the Legislature that we need real climate action now.

While you might have heard that the Oregon Legislature is hosting a climate change hearing in Medford this Saturday, Feb. 23 at 9AM (arrive by 8:25 if you can), you might not know the background of why it’s so important that we all show up.

The hearing has been set up to focus on the Clean Energy Jobs Bill (House Bill 2020) -- something our climate action movement in southern Oregon has been fighting for over the past six years.

The problem is that the largest climate polluters and their political allies have been hard at work watering down the bill, carving out exemptions for the largest utilities, waste incinerators, and more. Without some significant changes, HB 2020 as it is now written could actually be a step backward for statewide climate action.

Will you join communities across southern Oregon in asking for a real Clean Energy Jobs Act (RSVP HERE)?

  • WHERE: Central High School Auditorium, 815 S Oakdale Ave, Medford, OR 97501
  • WHEN: Saturday, Feb. 23 from 9:00AM to 12:00PM. Come at 8:25AM to sign up to testify.
  • WEAR: #NoLNG red!
  • *We will have Rogue Climate comment guides to help you testify at the hearing*

By showing up Saturday, we can tell the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction three things:

First, we need a real Clean Energy Jobs Bill that results in:

  • The immediate, bold action that is needed. We have to take bold action during the next decade to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, according to the recent climate reports. The current goals in HB2020 are far below what the world’s best scientists say is necessary.
  • Significant investment for communities like ours that are most impacted by climate change to transition to renewable energy and greater energy efficiency and prepare for the climate change impacts. This should be paid for by the largest polluters.
  • No carve outs for the largest polluters. This means no offsets, no exemptions, and strict limits on free allowances.
  • A real voice for our communities on boards overseeing the program.  

Second, the Clean Energy Jobs Act must ensure that there will be no new fossil fuel infrastructure built in Oregon, such as the Jordan Cove fracked gas pipeline and LNG export terminal. We cannot make progress on climate change if the corporate special interests behind Jordan Cove are allowed to build the largest source of climate pollution in the state.

Third, we can’t stop at a strong Clean Energy Jobs Act worthy of the name. We also need an Oregon Green New Deal, supported by grassroots groups throughout the state, that will create new jobs in renewable energy, lower energy costs, prepare our communities for the impacts of climate change, promote sustainable farms and forests, strengthen our public transportation systems, and more.

Will you show up to tell our elected officials that climate action is a top priority for southern Oregon? Make sure to come early if you can to get testimony guides and talking points from Rogue Climate. (Testimony will be limited to two minutes per person who signs up.)

Even if you don’t plan to speak, please be there to show your support, and wear red!

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