From Turtle on the Trail, Day 10

August 31st, 2015: Day 10

Which is better? Anticipation or hindsight? Action or communication? I have been awake for a while now. A bombardment of pinecones woke me in my tent. I wait for the smacking against the shockcord framing to stop and poke my head out of the tent. There is a woosh and a thump about a foot from my head. I wonder if a squirrel bounty has been taken out on me as I wrap my tent up quickly, jumping out of the way everytime I hear the whistle of a falling pinecone.

Alex is not used to the fluidity of the waking ceremonies that forest defenders value over schedules and time commitments and he is antsy to leave. I play "Colors of the Wind" on my trumpet to wake everyone up.

An hour and a half of bushwacking later we reach one of the waterways that the pipeline is supposed to cross. It is a tiny stream with delicate flowers growing from a vine submerged under the water. They bouce joyfully in the current.

More bushwacking and me and Grace have split from the others. We talk about the past for a bit and look at more plants. Grace finds the last Thimbleberry I think I will see for the season.

The rest of the day drifts on with more knowledge about the trees around then I ever thought to be exposed to except out of a book. But the small arguments and songs about them are something I never could get from just reading the text.

To follow the pipeline more we circle around the butte and then walk to the closest campsite about two miles away from the first. But we've walked maybe seven miles already today.


   Josh Eng

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