From "Properly Chill" Meg on the Trail

September 11th, 2015


This morning we walked through the town of Tiller, where the residents have experienced up close the effects of extreme wildfires this summer. They told us about seeing burned branches float down from the sky during the Stout’s Creek Fire this summer. That fire scorched 17 miles of the proposed pipeline route, burning so hot it not only destroyed all the plant life but the soil as well. Just down the road from here, the fire chief of Tiller stopped to speak with us, adamantly expressing his opposition to the pipeline. He has concerns not only about its potential to amplify forest fires but also about the energy policy implications. Smokey the Bear is wondering too: why are we massively increasing the potential for more dangerous fires just so a Canadian company can profit off selling gas overseas? I think Smokey says no to LNG pipelines.

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