Care, Defend, Transform: Celebrating Earth Day in Challenging Times

We’d like to take a moment during this Earth Day week to update you on how Rogue Climate is reacting to this unprecedented moment in history. We are staying safe, taking action together to care for our communities, and continuing to work for climate justice in southern Oregon. You might be surprised at how much we are getting accomplished! Here are some highlights.

Physically apart but working together, Rogue Climate is 

- Training 12 young people in southern Oregon to be climate justice leaders;

- Connecting Coos County homes and businesses to low-cost energy-saving upgrades through Energize South Coast;

- Pushing back against the proposed Jordan Cove LNG project, filing an official rehearing request alongside the Klamath Tribes, impacted landowners, and other environmental organizations to challenge the conditional federal approval of the project;

- Partnering with organizations beyond the environmental world to demand local governments take proper care of people without paid sick leave, childcare, or access to health care, those who are incarcerated or un-housed, elders, people with preexisting health conditions, and low-wage workers during the pandemic.

To help ensure this work can move forward for the long term, would you consider becoming a Rogue Climate monthly donor? Monthly contributions, whether $3 a month or $300, keep the movement for climate justice in southern Oregon moving, even during this challenging time. 

Like most of you, we are still learning how to do our best work in this new world. We see our mission during this crisis as threefold. We promise to continue to care for, defend, and transform the communities of southern Oregon. Many of the communities most hurt by climate change are also most at risk from the virus.

We will care for each other directly now, working to make sure southern Oregonians are safe and connected to one another, even if we must be physically apart.

At the same time, we will defend this place we love so much, its rivers, its fish, its ecosystems, and its people, by keeping a watchful eye on the fossil fuel industry and their allies in government. We will show up (virtually) and stop destructive projects, like Jordan Cove LNG, in their tracks.

And increasingly, we will work with a powerful coalition of partners to transform our society from the root, creating a better “normal” to return to.

We are so grateful for your support and encouragement during this challenging time. Our community is really keeping us grounded. With so much uncertainty, we remain determined to work together for a better tomorrow, no matter what.

Again, one thing that really helps, if you are able, is becoming a Rogue Climate monthly donor. No matter the amount, having some reliable monthly funding in these uncertain times makes our shared work for climate justice a lot easier and our path through and beyond the pandemic more secure. Donation or no, we are glad we are in this together.

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