Community Climate and Energy Action Teams

With Rogue Climate’s help, communities in the Rogue Valley are developing clean energy and climate action plans to make it easier for residents, businesses, and agencies to transition to renewable energy sources and increase energy efficiency. 

This benefits all of us in the short term and helps build awareness of the need for larger solutions.

A clean energy plan developed by Talent residents has been submitted to the mayor and city council for adoption. 

In Ashland, high school and middle school students active with Ashland Youth Climate Action developed a campaign to move the City of Ashland to commit to one of the strongest Climate and Energy Action Plans in the nation. In September 2017, they won passage of a Climate Action Ordinance which actually puts the plan into city law, ensuring that climate action will be a priority for years to come.

In the coming years, Rogue Climate will help residents of other communities to begin to develop their own plans based on the following principles:

Creates good jobs and supports the local economy. Strengthens our economy by creating green jobs that pay living wages, ensuring that a local workforce is used as much as possible, providing training opportunities that benefit local residents, including low- income and underserved groups, and protecting existing jobs from climate impacts.

Protects our quality of life. Promotes clean energy and energy efficiency in ways that protect residents from the impacts of climate change and preserve natural resources, services, and community characteristics we all value.

Based on science. Sets numerical targets and benchmarks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the city and community to do our part to achieve no more than 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions in our atmosphere by or before 2100.

Equitable. Ensures that those who are most vulnerable have a voice and are not disproportionately impacted, including low-income residents, young people, communities of color, seniors, and people with disabilities.

Accountable. Sets legally binding benchmarks and targets and provides ongoing opportunities for public input.

Please reach out at if you are interested in starting a team in your community. 

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