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    Gov. Brown, Sen. Merkley, Sen. Wyden: Stand Up Against Trump's Fossil Fuel Agenda in Oregon

    Dear Governor Brown, Senator Merkley, and Senator Wyden: As you know, Donald Trump has an energy agenda that includes support for fossil fuel lobbyists’ projects like the Keystone, Dakota Access, and Jordan Cove/Pacific Connector pipelines instead of investment in clean energy jobs and energy efficiency. As Senator Merkley eloquently said in response: “The proposed Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines have inspired unprecedented grassroots opposition, and for good reason: they would turn on the tap to the dirtiest fossil fuels in the world while threatening drinking water. This executive order is a slap in the face to our tribes and to every American who cares about clean water or a livable planet. Instead of using his power to try to ram these damaging pipelines through, Trump should listen to the voices of the millions who have expressed deep concern about the lasting negative impact these projects would have on our nation. If President Trump wants to advance infrastructure projects to create jobs—and I certainly believe there are a tremendous number of roads, highways, bridges, levees, and power lines that need to be repaired and improved—I invite him to take a look at the comprehensive infrastructure investment package Senate Democrats released today. The Senate Democrats’ package would create many times more jobs while investing in the infrastructure our communities actually need.” Under the Obama administration, the federal government denied permits for the Jordan Cove/Pacific Connector liquefied natural gas (LNG) project. We will now need the support of Senator Merkley and Senator Wyden to ensure that that decision is not reversed and that clean energy investment is part of any infrastructure package that emerges from the U.S. Senate. In addition, we need our state to deny permits for this LNG project and stop allowing an out-of-state corporation to hold landowners hostage and threaten our waterways and climate. We also need Governor Brown to provide active leadership to help create clean energy jobs and put Oregonians to work in creating a clean energy economy. This is a defining moment for Oregon’s elected leaders. As you saw with the marches this past weekend, grassroots Oregonians are organizing for a bold alternative. We need you to stand up to Trump’s fossil fuel industry agenda, not only in the Midwest but here in Oregon. Sincerely, Rogue ClimateCitizens Against LNG Rogue RiverkeeperPipeline Awareness Southern OregonDouglas County Global Warming CoalitionUmpqua WatershedsOregon Women’s Land TrustSouthern Oregon Pachamama AllianceClimate Action CoalitionOnward OregonCommunity Alliance of Lane CountyColumbia River Estuary Action Team350 CorvallisSustainable Energy & Economy Network, Center for Sustainable Economy350 SalemRaging Grannies EugeneThe Climate Justice Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis
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    FERC Deals Severe Blow to LNG Project Strongly Opposed by Southern Oregonians

    Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Denies Rehearing of March 11, 2016 Denial of Permits for Jordan Cove LNG Export Terminal and Pacific Connector LNG Pipeline. The Federal Energy Regulator Commission (FERC) today dealt a severe blow to the Jordan Cove LNG Export Terminal and Pacific Connector LNG Pipeline that have been strongly opposed for years by a grassroots coalition of Southern Oregonians. In today’s action, FERC denied a rehearing of the commission’s March 11, 2016 order that denied permits for the liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal and pipeline. “Today’s action shows that when Oregonians organize and speak out we can win,” said Hannah Sohl, director of Rogue Climate, one of the organizations involved in a broad coalition opposing the LNG project. “This order puts the public interest over the special interests of large out-of-state corporations interested only in short-term profit at our expense. Our state should be focused on creating good-paying jobs in improving energy efficiency and the expanding clean energy industry, such as solar power, not on new fossil fuel projects that hurt us all. This should be the end of this LNG project but we will have to remain vigilant to ensure that is the case.” The LNG project would have trampled landowner rights, risked polluting more than 400 waterways, driven up energy prices, and created the largest source of climate pollution in the state. FERC’s order today noted that the March 11 order found that “Pacific Connector failed to demonstrate a need for the project sufficient to outweigh the potential harm to the economic interests of landowners whose property rights might be taken by exercise of the right of eminent domain.” FERC policy provides that fairness to affected parties requires that at some point there be a final determination on an application except in “extraordinary circumstances.” Landowners have long complained that their properties have been held hostage for years by the possibility of the pipeline crossing their land through use of eminent domain. FERC notes in today’s order that “Pacific Connector had every opportunity to demonstrate market need.  Nevertheless, it failed to do so over a three-and-a-half year long period, despite the issuance of four data requests by Commission staff seeking such information.  As a result, we do not find that Pacific Connector’s request to reopen the record to file precedent agreements at this late date rises to the level of extraordinary circumstances that would overcome our need for finality in the administrative process.  Pacific Connector’s request to reopen the record is denied." The FERC Denial is linked here. 
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